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"famed"phrases in english :>

I have no idea how can I find them and I don't know them :< native speaker may know better for sure :)

1.After the explosion she had the ....................... of mind to turn off the gas.
2.It was all a .......... of lies he was telling her.
3.It is mandatory to provide a ........... of hope for everybody who plays in the lottery.
4.I was invited by Mr Rogers on the ............. of the moment.
5.The police saved the bank from robbery in the ........ of time.
6.I can't get a ........... of sleep with the noise outside.

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    These are what I'd consider to be the "most common" versions of those idioms. However, other variations might also work depending on where a person lives or what dialect they speak.

    1. Presence
    2. Pack
    3. Sliver OR glimmer (they're both quite common)
    4. Spur
    5. Nick
    6. Wink

    I'm not sure how accurate these will be, but most of them will make sense given the context.

    1) Peace of mind
    2) A sack of lies (sack is a bag)
    3) glimmer of hope (I'm not sure about this one)
    4) Spur of the moment
    5) Nick of time (last/most vital moment)
    6) Wink of sleep

    These phrases generally work in these situations. Hope this helps!

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