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"보면"이 무슨 뜻이에요?


"보면"이 무슨 뜻이에요?

I think it means "when/if you see", like in this sentence from daum:

사진을 보면, 한 오랑우탄이 망고 아이스크림을 먹고 있네요.
If you look in the picture...
In the picture...

Or it could mean "when/if you try...".

But I am confused by its usage in this sentence from naver:

작은 덩어리는 괜찮아. 요리하다보면 없어질 거야.
Small chunks are okay. They will disappear during cooking.

Is it "when you try cooking..."? Why not just 요리하면?

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    It means "If you try cooking (it)"

    Literally means "go cook and see" so it is also another term for "try cooking it"

    해보다 is try to do something. kkk

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