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"ㄹ"의 발음

I usually hear a lot of tips about the pronunciation of this one character, so here's a few of the things I've heard:

1) It's somewhere between an 'R' and an 'L'.
2) At the end of a word, it's more of an 'L'
3) If it comes at the end of a syllable, and the next one starts with ㄹ, then it's pronounced as an 'L' as well.

In the case of 1 and 3, depending on who says it, I can anything from a rolled 'R' (like in spanish) to something close to a soft 'D' sound (like if you were to say 'water' or 'better' in an American accent).

So what pronunciations are acceptable? Do people pronounce the character differently?

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    usually, your tongue touches the roof of mouth when you pronounce ㄹ.
    it sounds closer to l than r, but your toungue should be touching somewhere between your teeth and very top of the roof.

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