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How do you translate "For the greater glory of God" in Irish?

Dia duit! How do you translate St. Ignatius of Loyola's Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam/ For the greater glory of God in Irish? People in were arguing, some said it's "chuig glóire Dé", another said "chun mórghlóir Dé", while another guy said it should be "chun mórghlóire Dé". I'm confused. Which one is right? :S

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    Mora duit a Ghreen! The last suggestion you have there is the most accurate, i.e. "chun mórghlóire Dé".
    This has a bit of an old-fashioned ring to it, however, as in the modern language there's a tendency to avoid putting more than one definite noun in a row into the genitive case, but to keep all but the final definite noun in the nominative case with lenition. So a more modern-sounding version of this phrase would be "chun mhórghlóir Dé".

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