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When can you use 足够 and when do you use 够了?

When can you use 足够 and when do you use 够了? What is the the difference between them?

e.g. Can you say both 我们有足够的咖啡 and 咖啡够了?

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    咖啡够了 is more colloquial but 我们有足够的咖啡 it sounds weird for me and if you r a owner of a coffee shop, when people wanna buy coffee from u, u can say that way spoken language,we often use"够了".
    in written language,we often use"足够".
    2.after “足够”,we can add some adjectives
    for example,足够多(的)、足够好(的)。
    more formal
    3.if you are annoyed by something..(when you are arguing with someone,,and you dont want to talk anymore,,)you can say "够了!" with a strong tone


    "足够" is like "plenty of ", while "够了" is like "enough"
    if there is someone talks and talks and talks...talks too much, and you are fed up with what he or she says, then you can say "够了", but in this case you can NOT say "足够"
    "我们有足够的咖啡" and " 咖啡够了" are both correct grammatically, i think it depends on the context that how you use them. For example, if you want to tell a waiter that you don´t need any more coffee, then you can say"够了". But if you want to express that you are not short of coffee, then you say the former.

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