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The main context is this: Before returning to his hometown, A was wondering wheter to post the love letter he had wriiten to his friend. Unfortunately, he lost the letter, which was picked by B. Later, A happened to know that B got it and begged B to give it back. Yet B refused it, for he knew that A was afraid of letting his friend knew his love, and he wanted to make fun of A for his own interest. What I cannot understand here is: what or who is the 慰みもの ? Is it the letter? or A?

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Or "returning to hometown" will be the 慰みもの, so that A would be freed from the dilemma: tell his friend his real thought or not?

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    Was it written by a native speaker of Japanese? It seems somewhat awkward or unnatural to me.
    Maybe I need more context to understand what the writer wanted to say.

    Anyway, 慰みもの means a plaything.
    It can literally be something to amuse yourself, or it can figuratively be someone to be made fun of or to be used for other's amusement. In the latter sense, it often implies sexual relationship.

    I hope this helps.

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