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How to use it?

Could you give a couple examples of using "Neither" in different context? I scarsely comprehend how i can use it.

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    Neither the corner store nor the market had what I wanted. or I checked the corner store and the market, and neither one had what I wanted.

    I can't understand that. Neither can I. Or informal and technically incorrect but sometimes more common: I can't understand that. Me neither!


    I don't like pears, neither do I.

    I don't like apples, neither do I.

    I thought you liked blue cheese? I like blue cheese, but not cheddar. Neither do I!


    Оба ответа выше правильные. в первом случае оно входит в выражение " и я тоже нет" (" я не люблю " в примерах выше). Во втором входит в выражение "ни... ни", "Neither ... nor" ни в магазине, ни на углу я не нашла .... В словарь я не лазила, не могу ручиться, что это все случаи использования neither.

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