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Advise me please an interesting movie, which will help me understand English language. :)

I'd like to watch a movie, where there are simple conversations, which is easy to understand :) Without a lot of slang, and difficult sentences.
But, of course, a movie should be interesting :)
Can you advise suchlike?
Thanks advance.
Best. ))

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    I'd say start with TV series because they are short and hentertaining. Id recommend How I met your mother because it's funny, doesn't have any hard vocabulary and each episode lasts 20 mins . Give it a try: )


    My students recommend Disney movies, due to the natural English spoken, easy American accent and no slang. You can find them on YouTube, of course the best way is to practice with a teacher ;-)

    Napoleon Dynomite. It has some slang, but the conversations are short.

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