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What's the difference between shade and shadow?

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    Shadow is something you see. He casts a shadow. She was hiding in the house's shadow. Figuratively: He spent his life living in his brother's shadow. (His accomplishments were surpassed by his older brother's.)

    Shade is usually relief from the sun. They headed for the shade of the big tree. Because they want relief, you probably wouldn't use shadow there, unless they are hiding from sight rather than heat.

    shade has also a meaning in a different context, like:

    -- the many shades of white that we see in a cloudy sky

    A great song from 'The Monkees' :

    I remember when the answer seemed so clear
    We had never lived with doubt, or tasted fear
    ... ...
    But today, there is no day or night
    Today, there is no dark or light
    Today, there is no black or white
    Only SHADES of gray
    Only shades of gray

    link to the lyrics:

    link to the song:

    The words “shadow” and “shade” have both literal and figurative meanings. I will only the most important literal meaning, which is a relative darkness. The big difference between the two words is this: “Shade” is the relative darkness that is created outside by the something blocking the sun. It would be extremely rare to use the word “shade” to describe a dark place inside a building or other object. Also, when we use the word “shade,” we are not giving any importance to the shape of the dark area.

    The key to the word “shadow” is that a shadow has generally the same shape of the object that is blocking the any source of light. When you walk outside on a sunny day, you see a dark silhouette on the ground which is generally in the same shape as your body. Your dog sits between a lamp and a wall, the dog casts its shadow on the wall in the general shape of the dog. Shadows can occur inside or outside.

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