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Is it possible to add "dums" to a name in British english?


Peterdums, Cattydums, Bobdums, etc.

I've come across the word "diddums" used this way in Harry Potter books.

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    This is a very familiar talk that would normally be used from mother to child. Almost any name can be mangled to anything using this manner. There are come common themes, like taking the most accented syllable and using that alone or adding y to it, but moms can do whatever they want. However, calling someone that "pet" name would be highly embarrassing in public in many cases.

    Quite simply, no.
    "Diddums" is usually a babyish way of talking, usually to make fun of the listener; if someone hurt themselves being stupid and complained about it, you'd say "Aww, diddums" in the same way you'd speak to a baby. It's basically just a bit patronising in good fun.
    Hope that helped :)

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