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What does 눈이 시려와 mean ?


I have some problem about this Korean sentence. I found this in a song but I can't understand it.

눈이 시려와.

what does it mean? I try to translate but I very confuse.

시려 is like 시린 ? it's mean cold, right?

and how about 와 ? how to use it ?

Thank you very much.

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    it s probably 시렵다... normally it will conjugate to 시려워

    online dictionary equates 시렵다 to 시리다

    here's the definition
    (눈이)빛이 강하여 바로 보기 어렵다.

    it means bright light renders it difficult to see

    It is simple, 시려와 is not commonly use for routine sentence,only use for song or poet , mean is you already know;near to cry so overcome emotion break down, so want to close to cry but not tear
    come out of eyes.
    sometime 시려와,시리다 used feel cold ,feel chilled also not commonly used ,just good to know for poet or lyrics .
    best luck ..and have a fun learning ...

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