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could anyone say, what dose it mean?

anotherone bites the dust,i found it in a song

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    In the song by Queen, it might literally mean that "another person is shot, falls face-first to the ground, where his teeth sink in.

    But the meaning is more along the lines of "another person is not as good as me" as a way of showing bravado, and cool.


    Think of an old Cowboy-Indians movie, maybe US cavalry, fighting on horseback, and one two three (Cavalry or Indians, who cares) have arrows poking out of them, or are shot, and fall off their horses with a thud like a sack of potatoes - they have 'bitten the dust' - fallen face first into the dirt. It is just a metaphor for someone or something that has failed or been disposed of or 'fallen by the wayside'

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