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''From'' in Japanese

I can't remember in which cases we use ''を'' instead of ''から'' when we want to say ''from''.

For example we say: 日本からギリシャまで飛行機で二十時間かかります。
and 大学をそつぎょしました。
but what about when we want to say: I came back from school. ?
Do we then use ''を'' instead of ''から'' ?

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    I came back from school = 学校から帰りました。
    We don't say 学校を帰りました。

    Certainly, "from" means "から".
    But as another person says, you seems to be confused with "from A to B" and "graduate from".

    This is my way to learn foreign langiages, but I suggest you had better not ask yourself "why?" so much because this is difficult to explain what the difference is, and it happens at times. When they say "this means this" or "but this also goes to like this", just remember it. Just copy the way they speak and it's faster way to learn. It's defferent from math. Languages have many meanings and some different cases to use. The answer is not only one like math.

    I'm sorry about my damn answer, but it works. When I've started learning English, I've faced many times "why why why???", but after I gave up asking myself "why?" thing, I could learn it more smoothly.

    from A to B = A から B まで
    graduate from (idiom) = ~を卒業する

    That's all.

    The most common way to say "I came back from school" is 学校から帰りました。

    I guess you confuse to use "from A to B" (AからBまで) and "graduate from"(〜を卒業する).

    I graduated from the university.

    We never say その大学から卒業した。

    It took about 20 minutes from the university to my house.

    In most cases we often use 'from' as 'kara'.
    As Brian explained to you, "I came back from school"
    In this case, we say "から".

    from + place or time ( to 〜)
    When we use 'kara', we move from one place to another or time passes.

    It took from about one hour to two hours.

    Sorry for my poor English.

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