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Greeting in Arabic.

I am trying to make flashcards to help learn Arabic. I have been speaking to some Arabic speakers and there have been different answers to this. But how do you say hello? I have been told you can say

Assalam Alaikum

Are these all acceptable forms of hello?

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    Hello Elle.
    all forms that you have written are acceptable. I only want to explain something to guide you in learning Arabic.
    You should know they are some accents in Arabic which it uses in daily spoken. Examples: Egyptian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Lebanese....
    and they are all coming from the standard Arabic which you'll find one books, holy Qur'an, some kind of documentaries, news....
    The question is, which one should I learn or start with?
    Well, it depends about you, and what do you need from learning that language at the first, and they are two ways that I suggests to you for learning Arabic.
    1. Learning a specific accent that you like more, and it could be better if you meet someone there or you talk to someone who can teach you as a baby, and to understand the logical of the accent. For that, you're going to learn only the vocabularies, and how you make sentences as well in spoken, and explain your ideas or something else.
    2. learning the standard Arabic which the official language for all Arab countries, but it's often common on spoken life. Like that, you're going to learn all things about Arabic, vocabularies, making sentences and grammar skills.
    the both ways are helpful, if you choose the first one, and you can speak it, you'll be able to start with the standard Arabic too easy, because you already know many words from the accent, [learning as an Arabic speaker who learns the standard at school];
    the second way can help you to learn any accent better and make everything easy to remember in an accent.
    Good luck.
    simple answer !!!!

    hello = Marhaban or Assalam Alaikum

    :) no need to complicate ^ It's just a greeting

    Assalam Alaikum = both formal and informal , literally means peace be upon you
    Salam =- short version of the above one, informal
    ahlan = welcome
    Marhaban= hi


    Assalam Alykom is the Islamic greeting
    so in formal jobs and communication you can't use it
    in fact I never use it
    you can say Marhaba
    and you can say ahlan after I say marhaba
    you can't start with Ahlan.
    for example I meet you and I say Marhaba
    you can answer me in both marhaba or ahlan

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