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Please help me translate for a thesis.

Hi all! I'm doing a project with Ball State University and need some help. I want to gather together students' writings about racism, learning English, etc. (these students are English language learners). However, to do that, I need the consent forms translated into their native languages. If anyone is willing to help translate, please look at the comments (that's what I need translated), translate whatever you want to (even only one sentence helps), and then either message me the translation, post it in the comments, or email it to me at Thanks so much in advance!

I, ________, understand that my parents (mom and dad)/guardian have/has given permission (said it’s okay) for me to take part in a project about done by Samantha Berman.
I am taking part because I want to. I have been told that I can stop at any time I want to and nothing will happen to me if I want to stop.


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