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Please help me translate for a thesis. (part 3)

What will your child do?
Your child will write a true story about his/her experiences…
• with learning English
• adjusting to the culture of the United States
• dealing with racism
• or anything else related to being an English language learner
Does my child have to participate?
No. If your child doesn’t want to, he/she doesn’t have to. Also, if he/she begins participating and then changes his/her mind, that’s okay. Your child can quit at any time by just telling me he/she wants to stop. Nothing bad will happen if he/she chooses to stop.
Are there any risks?
The only risk is that your child feel hurt remembering the story he/she wants to tell. However, your child can choose whatever story he/she wants to tell. So, if your child wants to tell a happy story or a painful story, that is his/her choice.

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
Category: Language



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