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Please help me translate for a thesis. (part 4)

Will people know who wrote the story?
Only if you and your child want them to. I will give your child’s story a fake name so that readers won’t know who wrote it and keep the original story in a safe place in my house or on a password-protected computer. If you and your child want people to know who wrote the story, though, please sign the second statement (on the next page) asking us to use your child’s real name. If you and your child sign that statement, we will only use your child’s first name.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a final copy of this project please email me at__. Best regards,

Statement of Consent
I read the above consent form. The nature, demands, risk, and benefits of the project have been explained to me. I am aware that I have the opportunity to ask questions about this research. I understand that I may withdraw my consent and discontinue my child’s (ward’s) participation at any time without penalty.

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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