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What is the difference between
ب and پ?
with examples but written in English letters please.

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    The letter ب (Bay) is common in Urdu and Arabic. It is alike English letter 'B'.

    Usage in Urdu: Behn (sister), Bayta (son), Bayti (daughter)
    Usage in Arabic: Baab (door), Bayt (house), Baqara (cow)
    Usage in English: Black, Back, Best

    The letter پ (Pay) does not exist in Arabic. In English its counterpart is letter 'P'.

    Usage in Urdu: Pakistan, Punkha (fan), Pani (water), Pooda (plant)
    Usage in English: Password, Petrol, Past, Pink, Payment

    Native Arabic speakers find it difficult to pronounce پ (Pay) = 'P'. So, they usually use ب (Bay) = 'B' instead of 'P'.
    Example: Bakistan instead of Pakistan

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