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I Have looked up 没差 and it seems to be used in a lot of different ways. I have also seen very different translations of the song. What is the correct translation of 没差 in this song?

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    it means “time difference” or "equation of time" or"爱你没时差"
    i think 没差 is not a regular expression
    even i am a native chinese speaker
    i am first time know the words 没差
    learning chinese from 周杰伦 is a bad idea
    even a lot of chinese don't know what 周杰伦 is singing about^_^
    It difficult to hear 周杰伦‘s every word.


    "没差" in this song means "没差错".
    "差错" means "wrong" so "没差" means "there is no wrong".
    So “爱你没差” means “I definitely love you”

    Maybe it means not have any differents.



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