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What are all the way to improve spoken english?

Iam working as a teacher in Oman. I need to improve by English fluency. what to be done?

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    Hi, I am very far from being fluent but my english teacher said to me that the second best way is listen, listen and listen again. The first is obviously to speak every day with mother-language people about daily routine.

    I suggest that you find a language partner here

    The best way would be talking to someone in English. If that is not possible, you still can improve by listening to English works.
    I've learned a lot from watching movies and TV series in English, as well as from listening to English/American/Australian songs. This really helps a lot if you pay attention.


    I answered this question in Quora once ... It's geared towards answering the "best method for learning English", and since it's pretty long, I'm sure you could find many useful tips to help your spoken fluency!

    Hope you can find some useful tips in it!


    Good luck!

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