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What does "아직" mean in Korean?

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    I think the easiest way to understand how to use it is using examples.

    아직 vs 벌써
    지금은 오전 1시이지만 내가 아직 안 잤어요.
    -> It's 1AM and I'm still not asleep.

    지금은 오후 6시이지만 성희 씨가 벌써 잠을 잤어요.
    -> it's (only) 6pm but Seonghee is asleep already.

    I remember my teacher explained to the class 아직 is used when the event is later than expectation and 벌써 when the event is earlier than expectation.

    The thing that I found we need to be careful about is when the word is used by itself and how we interpret it.

    가: 일 끝났어요?
    나: 아직요.

    the full answer is actually: 아직 안 끝났어요. but sometimes people just use a short version answer 아직요 which can be translated as "not yet"

    I hope it helps you understand.

    Not yet.

    I believe it means "still" or "yet" depending on the context. Here's something that can help:

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