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bu iki cümle ne demek ?!

1* bir ay aralıkla onar gün kaldı

2* bir akış belirlediler

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    1) he stayed 10 days, then he went somewhere for a month, then he stayed 10 days again. His/her every stay was for 10 days and between these stays, the period was one month.

    2) they decided the flow, they agreed on a process (about how they will do something particular. maybe they determined the steps, the responsibles, prerequisites etc)

    1* bir ay aralıkla onar gün kaldı: I doubt this is a correct sentence. It seems to mean "He/she has stayed for an amount of 10-day-intervals with at the end of each he/she left for a month. But then it is unclear how many times this recurs. If you are able to provide the context of this sentence, I believe we can be more helpful.

    2* bir akış belirlediler : they have determined/established a (plan of) flow.


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