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about cracking official system of Apple, causing problems in States?


actually I want to buy a ipad, we usually crack down official systems of iphone, other Apple stuff, install DIY system, to enjoy lots of applications for free, and unwind certain restrictions. the catch is I'm gonna be abroad, can this court any problem? it's illegal, but it is norm, I heard that a girl did download certain amount of songs without paying was sent to prison, I am feared, get the jitters, if there is a fine or something, how people know I broke the system, what'll be the consequence at the worst???

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    I believe you just void your warranty and support agreement by hacking the IOS. I don't think it is illegal at all. As for downloads, if they are illegal, that is a risk you take yourself. Usually the provider of the download should delete files that are in breach of copyright or intellectual property law.

    Lots of people do it. One of my friends even brought her phone in for repair and they still fixed it for her.
    Most people like to sell their phone back to the company at the end of their contract, but you cannot if you do this. They will not take it back.

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