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Can you help me to explain the meaning of several lyrics in the song 'Brand-new Me' (Alicia Keys)

1. If I walk a little taller, I'd been onto you too long. (What's the meaning of the total sentence ?)

2. If you noticed that I'm different, don't take it personally. (What's the meaning of 'take it personally'?)

3. If you were worth the while, you'd be happy to see me smile. (What's the meaning of 'the while'?)

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    I found a slight difference in this link ( from the lyrics you submitted.. I haven't listened to the song, so not quite sure whether the lyrics is correct as well. anyway, here is my interpretation of the lyrics:

    If I walk a little taller --> Here, the "tall" means "proud". In other words: "If I walk a little prouder"
    Here (with the other "if's" sentences previously), she's expressing her regret for not changing herself soon enough.

    1. I've been under you too long --> She's saying that she's always in a lower position than her boyfriend for a long time before she can finally change herself. This sentence has no connection to the previous "if's" sentences. It's just an information to the listener about her previous love-life situation.

    2. If you notice that I'm different
    Don't take it personally --> meaning "Don't think that I'm different specifically because of you"

    3. If you were worth the while
    You'd be happy to see me smile --> "worth the while" means "important enough to spend my time/effort on it". So, it will mean "If you were important to me, you'd be happy to see me smile"

    Hope this helps you :)

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