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What is the differance between "I wish..." and "I hope..."


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    "I wish to" can mean the same "I want to" but it is much more formal。

    “I wish to”的意思是相同于“我想要”,但它更正式。

    例句:I wish to make a complaint. 我想要提出申诉。
    I wish to see the manager. 我想要见经理。

    You can also use "wish" with a noun to offer good wishes'.
    你可以连同"wish" 和一个名词一起使用来祝愿别人。

    例句:I wish you all the best in your new job. 我祝你能在新的工作中顺顺利利。
       We wish you a merry Christmas. 我们祝你圣诞快乐。


    When you want to offer good wishes using a verb, you must use "hope" not "wish".
    当你要用动词祝愿别人时,一定要用 "hope".

    We wish you the best of luck. Vs We hope you have the best of luck.

    I wish you a safe and pleasant journey. Vs I hope you have a safe and pleasant journey


    "I wish" implies that you doubt that something you want will happen, or that something did not happen the way you wanted it to. For example, "I wish I could get a full-ride scholarship for attending MIT," or "I wish that I got an A on my final exam."

    Hope implies that something you want to happen is still a possibility, even if it happened in the past (and you do not know the results). To reuse one of the previous examples twice, "I hope I got an A on my final exam," or "I hope that I get an A on my final exam".


    Yes - wish is about the impossible! I wish I were younger, I wish I were more handsome 不可能的
    Hope - is about the possible 有可能的 I hope it is sunny tomorrow.

    Not easy to distinguish in Chinese there is only 希望 in common use

    I hope you have great time on your vacation!
    I know you are getting married on this coming weekend but I can't able to make it. But I wish you to have the best of lucky on your wedding.

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