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Moreover, the professional lawyer explained the protruding labor disputes and the potential legal risks, and in particular on the company refusing to pay remuneration.

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    professional is unnecessary - law is a profession, lawyer is a professional.
    protruding is the wrong word! haha! I think you mean outstanding = on-going.

    The lawyer then explained the on-going labour disputes, and the legal risks, particularly the risk that the company would refuse to pay the wages.

    I would say it like this:

    Moreover, the lawyer explained the relevant* labor disputes and the potential legal risks. In particular, he discussed the company's refusal to pay remunerations.

    Without context it is difficult to be sure I am properly communicating your ideas. In particular, I had difficulty understanding your use of "protruding." I used relevant, but this could be different from what you intended. If you can add some context we can probably help more effectively.

    I hope this helps!

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