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ürperirsen ?

ürperirsen ... bu cumle de ne demek?

Bir rüzgar eser de ürperirsen

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    ürperti (noun) is the “feeling of tremble, creep or chill” . However it is not like “shaking because of cold”. You can also associate it with the word "horripilation". “ürpermek” is the verbal form of it. “ürper” is the stem.

    (Eğer) Bir rüzgar eser de ürperirsen,...... - if the wind will blow and you will tremble/creep,....

    (Please correct the English part if it needs)

    Here, "de" is conjunction. This structure makes the 2nd sentence (ürperirsen) the consequence of the 1st sentence (Bir rüzgar eser).
    Namely, “you feel tremble as a result of the blowing wind”.

    ürper-ir-sen is the conditional form of ürpermek. Here "-ir" notifies the "future event". "-sen" is the part that is making the sentence conditional

    ben ürperirsem
    sen ürperirsen
    o ürperirse
    biz ürperirsek
    siz ürperirseniz
    onlar ürperlerse

    ürpermek = to chill, to tremble

    if a wind blows and you chill...

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