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When someone ask smt like "요즘은 어떻게 잘 지내세요?" for greetings, i can hear " 네, 덕불에요", so what does it mean? Is it "thanks for your care?"

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    A "요즘은 어떻게 잘 지내세요?"
    B "네, 덕분에 (잘 지내고 있습니다)." yes, thanks to your kindness

    덕분 means a favor, kindness, help or consideration
    Literally,덕분에 means "by your favor" or "through your favor".

    But, sometimes, 덕분에 means or "responsibility (for)" ironically in a sarcastic manner or situation.

    망했다! 이게 다 네 덕분이다! Damn! That's all your responsibility!

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