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Codes of USA's Special Weapons And Tactics teams: What means TOC and DOA?

I have two questions about the codes of the special police teams of the USA known as SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics):

1: What means TOC? I know that TOC is some kind of the Headquarter giving orders during the missions and is also the first contact for the entry teams letting TOC know if they found anything special. But I do not know what the full name of TOC is.

2: If a suspect for example is resisting arrest and they had to shoot the suspect and the suspect is dead the SWAT teams always say to TOC: "Suspect DOA". Same if they found a person which is already dead, they also say: "We got a DOA in here." What means DOA? It must be some kind of a shortcut, as well as TOC. I guessed it could mean "Dead on Arrival" but this is just my guess and I think my guess is wrong anyway.

Anybody know the real meanings of these two shortcuts? Thank you very much!

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    DOA means dead on arrival. It means the suspect was dead when they found him. I'm not sure about TOC, but I'll see what I can find out.

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