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Is this correct "당신을 만나서 즐거움" ?

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    당신을 만나서 즐거움.
    yes, that sentence is correct.

    즐거움 is one of noun form of adjective 즐겁다.

    Sometimes, the noun form of that type is used as the sentence ending for reducing a number of typing hit.

    저는 내일부터 휴가에요. 그래서 기뻐요.
    저는 내일부터 휴가임. 그래서 기쁨.

    어제는 피곤해서 일찍 잤어요.
    어제는 피곤해서 일찍 잤음.

    There is very rare chance to say that way. But it still makes sense and it's better to say "당신을 만나서 즐거워요." or "당신을 만나서 즐겁네요."

    If you wanted to say it specifically in a noun form ("즐거움" is a noun form of "즐겁다"), it could be said like "당신을 만나는 즐거움".

    A : 무엇이 당신을 행복하게 하나요? (What makes you happy?)
    B : 당신을 만나는 즐거움. (=> '당신을 만나는 즐거움'이 나를 행복하게 해주네요.)

    This sounds like poetic~

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