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What does 고 mean !!!

I hear this 고 in the korean conversations but i dont understand what it means !!
thanks in advance ^^

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    "~고" is basically "and".

    "나는 너를 사랑하고, 너는 나를 사랑한다".
    "식사하고 학교에 가자"
    "도와줘서 고맙고 내일 연락할께" => Thank you for your help and I'll call you tomorrow.

    However, "고맙고" and "고맙다고" are different.

    I don't know grammatical expressions but we expect to hear another equivalent form of sentence after "고맙고" as like above examples.

    A : 고맙고...음(um)..내일 연락할께
    B : 그래 내일 연락하자.

    But "~다고" in "고맙다고" is said when someone doesn't finish their sentence in a reported speech or when they repeat their sentence. See examples below.

    A : 그가 뭐라고 말했어?
    B : 응 고맙다고~ (=> 고맙다고 말했어. 말했어 is omitted)

    Your boyfriend has helped you when you were in hardship.

    your boy friend : (on the phone) 뭐라고 말한거야? 잘 안들렸어. (What did you say? I couldn't hear you clearly)

    you : 사랑하고 고맙다고.. (=> 사랑하고 고맙다고 말한거야.)

    What a lovely couple~~ Hope this helps you understand.

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