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can anybody translate these sentences in arabic, I am trying to understand the usage of modal verbs.


can anybody translate following sentences in arabic.

She can really sing.
She can sing.
can we read?
That can help.
He could swim when he was young.
May I stay?
That may be a problem.
The weather might improve.
Joe must go to school.
It must be hot outside.
that will put you in trouble.
You shall not pass.
You should stop that.
That should be surprising.
She will try to manipulate.
Nothing would fix that.

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    A usual way to use modals in Modern Standard Arabic is with the phrase من ال + ان and you can replace the ان with a masdar (verbal noun). If you want to say these in the past you add كان and in the future سيكون and to negate use ليس.

    Here is a list which I found on a website a couple of months ago:

    يجب أن (yajib an) must, should
    من الضروري أن (min aD-Daruuri an) it is necessary to
    من المفروض أن (min al-mafruuD an) should
    يمكن أن (yumkin an) might, may
    من الممكن أن (min al-mumkin an) it is possible to
    من المستحيل أن (min al-mustaHiil an) it is impossible to
    من المنتظر أن (min al-muntaZar an) it is expected that
    من السهل أن (min as-sahl an) it is easy to
    من الصعب أن (min aS-Sa3b an) it is hard to
    من الجدير بالذكر أن (min al-jadiir bid-dikr anna) it's worth mentioning that
    من الثابت أن (min at-taabit anna) it's well-established that
    من المعروف أن (min al-ma3ruuf anna) it's (well-)known that
    من الواضح أن (min al-waaDiH anna) it's clear that
    من المفهوم أن (min al-mafhuum anna) it's understood that
    من المرجع أن (min al-murajja3 an) it's most likely that
    من المحتمل أن (min al-muHtamal an) it's probable that
    من المقرر أن (min al-muqarrar an) it's been decided that
    من المتفق عليه أن (min al-muttafaq 3aleihi an) it's been agreed that
    من المعتاد أن (min al-mu3taad an) it's customary to
    من المستحسن أن (min al-mustaHsan an) it's preferable that
    من الأحسن أن (min al-aHsan an) it's better that
    من الأجدر أن (min al-ajdar an) it's more suitable/proper to
    من الطبيعي أن (min aT-Tabii3ii an) it's natural that
    من الممنوع أن (min al-mamnuu3 an) it's forbidden to
    من المسموح أن (min al-masmuuH an) it's permitted to

    هى حقا تستطيع أن تغنى
    هى تستطيع ان تغنى
    هل ممكن نقرأ؟
    هوه كان يستطيع ان يسبح عندما كان صغيرا
    ممكن ان ابقى؟
    هذه ممكن ان تكون مشكلة
    الطقس ممكن يتحسن
    جو لابد ان يذهب الى المدرسة
    لابد ان الطقس حار بالخارج
    هذا سوف يضعك فى مشكلة
    لا يجب ان تمر
    يجب ان توقف هذا
    هذا يجب ان يكون مدهشا
    هى ستحاول ان تتلاعب
    لا شىء سوف يصلحه

    Modal verbs aren't so hard...I can explain them to you in easy way :)

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