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Tu/Vosotros vs. Usted/Ustedes?

I don't understand when to use Tu or Vosotros and Usted or Ustedes.

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    Normaly we use Usted or Ustedes in a polite way for example for old people or our boss and Tu or Vosotros is an informal way but in Spain for example we use them a lot. For example in South America they use usted or ustedes more frecuently even for informal conversations.

    Tu is for when you are talking to one person, in an informal situation, such as a friend. For example, "Tu eres alto.", meaning "You are tall." Usted is for talking to one person in a formal situation, such as a teacher. For example, "Usted es intelegente.", meaning "You are smart." Ustedes is used when speaking to a group of people in either a formal or informal situation, such as a group of friends. For example: "Ustedes son rubios.", meaning "You all are blonde." Vosotros is used only in Spain, and is used the same as Ustedes, for example, "Vosotros sois rubios.", also meaning "You all are blonde."

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