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Where do i put ‘马上‘ in this sentence: ?



Because my mum was worried, we went there immediately.


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    I think it should be: 因为我妈很担心,所以我们马上去了那里。
    Besides 马上, you can also use 立刻 here. They are more or less the same. 立刻 is more formal compared with 马上.
    In Chinese, we usually put 马上 right in front of a verb, sometimes followed by a 就, which either means ‘just’ or indicates the future tense or sometimes both. For example, 我马上(就)好了. (I’m nearly ready.) 我马上来了。/我马上就来。 I’m coming. 我马上想起来了. I remembered immediately. 你马上就能看见了。You’ll just be able to see it very soon.
    As for your sentence: 所以我们去了那里马上。 I can’t say it is incorrect. Because people do say it like that sometimes. But that’s because when they have finished their statement, they suddenly remember or think they should emphasize the time a little, so they put 马上 at the end as a complement.

    Due to the cause is not so clearly, and I try to answer you.


    因为...所以... *We use Because and So at the same time >>>EX:因为下雨,所以我不出门了。
    In Chinese, maybe we put the Adjective first to describe N and V.
    >>>因为我妈很担心,所以我们『马上』(adj) 『去』(V)了那里。
    Ex: 车马上要开了,快上车吧。 / 灯瞬间熄灭了 / 球赛马上要开始了

    The time description should go after the noun "我" and before the verb "去"

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