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现在差不多七点半。vs. 现在7点28分。 ( 你说哪个?)

It is quite common to say in English it's almost half past 7's almost 10 o'clock rather than saying its 7.28 or 9.56 。

Which one would you use?

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Thanks for all your comments everyone! :)

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    in very official case, we say 七点二十八分 for example in news etc.
    in ordinary cases, we say 快(almost)七点半了 or 差几分钟七点半 or 差两分七点半(two to seven)
    we can also say 七点半 even it is 7:28

    some examples:
    7:14------快七点十五了 or 快七点一刻了(一刻 means a quarter)

    for 差不多七点半
    u must pay attention: u can just use this when it hasn't arrived 7:30. If it has surpassed 7:30, such as 7:31 7:32 etc, u must say 七点半多

    for all of 了 here, it doesn't mean the pass, so 现在七点多 = 现在七点多了 了 here just highlights the fact that it has passed seven o'clock.

    在生活中,说 七点半。因为音节少。
    如果工作或者正式场合,用精确的时间 七点二十八

    前者较为随意 在生活中常见 后者较为精确。


    The more common way to say it's almost half past seven is 快七点半了。
    If it's a little after 7:30, you can say 七点半多了。
    And 七点半左右 or 差不多七点半 is ok for both.


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