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Nakereba narimasen!

Konnichiwa minasan!

Watashi wa "nakereba narimasen" wo wakarimasu demo... watashi wa eigo wo hanashimasu, nazenara watashi no nihongo wa totemo warui desu! >.< Sumimasen!

I mean, I understan how to use "nakereba narimasen" such as: i must... but i don't know how to say: I mustn't~
What's the form? "Nakereba narimasen" is a double negative form, isn't it?

Arigato gozaimasu anatatachi no tetsudai >.<

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    To say "must not" in Japanese, use the verb in te-form + いけない/ いけません。

    For example, you must not eat that --> それは食べていけません。

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