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I don't understand this context. could anybody tell me what it mean?

antisocial: They avoid social interaction because they are on the one hand afraid of being judged by others, and on the other hand (ironically) themselves extremely judgmental toward others.

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    (1) "antisocial" means not wanting to be in the company of other people. (2) They avoid social interaction = They do not get together with other people. (3) Why? Because they they are afraid that other people will judge them (other people will form (usually bad) opinions about them. (4) They themselves are judgmental = Antisocial people form (usually bad) opinions about other people. (5) ironically - It's the opposite from the way you think it will happen. That is, antisocial people don't like to be judged, so you would expect they wouldn't judge other people. However, they themselves do judge others. (6) on the one hand.... on the other hand = an expression used when you compare two different facts or situations.

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