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岭南古琴第一人。  名陈献章,字公甫,号实斋,别号碧玉老人、玉台居士、江门渔父、南海樵夫、黄云老人等。本是新会城北圭峰山下都会村人,少年时随祖父迁居白沙乡(今属江门市蓬江区)的小庐山下,故后人尊称为“白沙先生”。他是明代著名的思想家、教育家、书法家、诗人,其学说则称“白沙学说”或称“江门学派”。他是明代心学的先驱,诗也写得很好。 陈白沙先生在江门的遗迹很多,除“楚云台”、“春阳台”、“庐山书院”、“嘉会楼”等早已湮没外,尚存有“白沙祠”、“碧玉楼”、“贞节碑坊”等,均为明代建筑。其中贞节牌坊且定为“广东省重点文物保护单位”。此外还有“钓台故址”、“ 白沙公园”等纪念建筑物。

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    1428-1500), Ming dynasty famous naturalist thinkers, educators, poet, calligrapher, and life scientists.Lingnan guqin first person.Number of Chen xianzhang played, words just, lent, nicknamed the jade, jade table lay for the elderly, jiangmen, the south China sea fishing father woodcutter, Huang Yun old man, etc.Will this is a new north peak, the mountain village people, a teenager with his grandfather moved Bai Shaxiang (now belong to jiangmen pengjiang wealth purifying) small lushan mountain, is regarded as "Mr White sands".He is a famous thinker, educator, calligrapher and a poet in Ming dynasty, its theory is called "white sands theory" or "jiangmen school".He was a pioneer in the Ming dynasty wang yangming, poetry also is well written.Mr Chen baisha in jiangmen ruins many, in addition to the "chu haeundae" and "balcony" spring, "lushan mountain academy", "jia will floor already annihilation," is the "white temple", "the jade floor", the "chastity tablet", etc., are the Ming dynasty architecture.The chastity archway, as "guangdong province key cultural relics protection units.In addition to "DiaoTai oberoi", "park" baisha memorial buildings, etc.

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