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How do you say "affordable" in Italian

For example: This is really affordable. It is not expensive.

It is
- Economico?
- Conveniente?

Grazie mille :)

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    Sorry to tell you, but we convey the same meaning completely reversing the sentence, we say:

    -- questo me lo posso [davvero] permettere
    -- questo e` nelle mie possibilita` (seldom used)
    which would literally be:
    -- I could [really] afford this
    -- this is [really] within my reach
    or :
    The term 'affordable' speaks of a relation between the subject and thing;
    so any adjective or locution that only describe the thing, like 'a buon mercato', 'conveniante', 'economico', 'a buon prezzo' would not be a proper translation.
    We don't have a single term that means 'affordable', we must explicit the relation via a sentence; or, at least, no such term comes to my mind now.

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