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difference ikun and ikimasune.

What is the small difference between the following sentences:

1) Ginko he ikun desune?
2) Ginko he ikimasune?

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    ginkou he ikun desu ne = simple question.
    ginkou he ikimasu me = emphasized question.

    when you just want to know if he goes, "ikun desu" will be natural.
    when you want to make sure of the fact he goes, "ikimasu" will be natural.

    "ne" is commonly translated "isn't it?", but also we use "ne" just sounds make it softer.
    ex: sou desu ne.

    I am not sure whuch meaning is more fit your sentences, but both can be fit.

    I think the difference is,

    "You go to a bank, right?"
    "Are you going to a bank, aren't you?"

    From second sentence, one feels kind of pressure.

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