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what does it mean?

To Kellerman it appears that the air is full of moist sawdust; Nellie wonders if she is being sprayed by spent buckshot; but John Connolly knows, John suddenly recalls his boyhood in the Model T, in a flash he remembers his father and Carlos Estrada, and as he slides bleeding into Nellie's lap he fills his lungs and screams again and screams again and screams again in agony; in terror she begins to scream, too; and they are overwhelmed by matter, saturated in Kennedy's bright blood; and one fragment, larger than the rest, rises over the President's falling shoulders and seems to hang there and then drift toward the rear, and Jackie springs up on her stained knees, facing toward the sidewalk, crying out, "My God, what are they doing? My God, they've killed Jack, they've killed my husband, Jack, Jack!" she cries and sprawls on the sloping back of the car, defeated, tumbling down toward the street and Halfback's approaching wheels and Kinney knows he cannot stop.]

what does "model T mean

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    A model T is a type of old Ford car

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