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What's the difference between these two prepositions "А" and "И"?


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    "и" = union Мама любит ходить в театры и музеи.
    "а" = opposition Мама любит ходить в театр, а дочка любит ходить в музеи.

    We use preposition “A” when we express the opposition. For example: He is afraid of darkness, AND (or BUT) I’m not afraid (Он боится темноты, А я не боюсь). There are any others meanings of this preposition, which is difficult to explain:) Preposition “И” has only one meaning. Usually we use it, when we enumerate, unite (combine) something or express consecutive actions. For example: He has one sister AND two brothers (У него одна сестра И два брата); I’ll take a dinner and I’ll go home (Я поужинаю И пойду домой). Sorry for my English:)

    They are not prepositions but conjunctions. "А" is used between two words in opposition "не правда, а ложь", "не можно, а нужно!", "Статен телом, а хорош ли делом?" or if you want to separate some stuff related to the same subject: "балкон был украшен кованой решеткой, а окна обрамляли резные наличники" (but both things (balconey and windows) are belonged to the same house). And so on: "Месяц под косой блестит, а во лбу звезда горит" (description of the Swan Princess).
    And the conjunction "И" is used when you list some common signs of the subject: "красные и голубые цветы росли на одном стебле", or when you speak about some consistent actions (without contraposition): "зашел в комнату, огляделся по сторонам и притворил дверь"

    Roughly "A" could be translated as "But" and "И" - as "And"

    I'm sure professional linguists would explain that in a better way....

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