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Can someone tell me what different numbers mean in Chinese? I know that 250 means "stupid" and 88 means "goodbye"...你们用别的数吗?

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    hmm....interesting question :D
    let me tell u some.
    84: 不是
    8: bye
    88: bye-bye
    886: bye bye 了
    so there three are the same thing.
    520: 我爱你.
    5201314: 我爱你一生一世 (一生一世 means forever)
    3: 闪
    it means I am leaving, bye.

    in fact there are still many numbers like this but they are rare. U dont need to know about them. because even chinese dont know about them :D

    8 also means 'to be rich' 发财的意思, The Beijin Olympic game started at 2008-8-8, 8:00 AM

    2013-1-4: the last 4 number can be understand '一生一世', and many couples married.

    other: 885 帮帮我, help me

    例 :for example :
    0243!------------------- 你好死相!

    maybe a girl talk to his baby , while he was utterly infatuated with her.

    好 means : very

    死 means "soft in the head" ;

    相 means : appearance.


    a boy half kneel in front of a girl , took a ring, then say...


    a very straightforward sentence. the idiot is absolutely over head and ears.

    想: miss

    死:miss much, can't help missing

    了: no particular meaning , 语气词,Modal particle expressing excamation or questioning.



    confirm one's feeling to his lbeloved half. not elegant , but honestly.


    唯一:only you,







    a pledge phrase

    一生一世: the whole life


    Will you doubtly love someone.


    He will absolutely ......till the end of the world.....


    He give up struggling, fell love in ....


    1 平凡的、默默无闻 unkonwn to the public

    平凡: ordinary, not special

    平: no slope, no hollow

    凡:means the world ( include the living people and enviroment)

    平凡 is a phrase,

    的: used after the phase , show the meaning of adjective. for example:

    美丽: beauty , 美丽的: beautiful; pehapes the 的 is the same usage of ful.

    and ......

    an amusement:


    means:or someone don't do sth. otherwise, throughly compelete sth.

    but the wrong meaning is that: a person "一" is lazy, he don't do sth. but "二" is hardworking,he

    don't rest.
    不: means negative, not
    做:do sth.
    休:have a rest

    I encourage you to learn Chinese.

    Share a fable:
    Once upon a time, there was a landlord. He had a young child who don't like to study and was obliged to have a private teacher, who taught patiently that " one" (In Chinese is written as 一) is very easy , just one horizontal line , while "two" (二) is two horizontal line . So the child asked whether "three" (三) is three horizontal , the poor teacher was droven out immediately after he said "sure" because the child "don't want to waste the rice for a teacher".
    A few days later, landlord will have a banquet for friends, one invited friend's surname is ten thousand "万'. In order to test the child's konwledge, the landlord asked the child to write an invitation card.
    One day past , the landlord was anxious to wait for the invitation card , but the room was tight closed . So the landlord enter the house, to his suprise, the floor was full of paper written by many lines, the child was be covered with sweat ,and complained :"Mr. 万 is too hard to write down, I have just finished 3 thousands"......

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