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What is New Historicism in short?

I'm a SLL ( Second language learner)
I have read many web sites about New Historicism, but the thing is that I understood the theory but I can not put it in points. I have ideas from different web sites and I can't collect them all and put them in one line to understand it it's like A ,B,D,C. I have random info about the topic.

Would anyone please tell them What is New Historicism in short.

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    From Wikipedia:

    New Historicism is a school of literary theory, grounded in critical theory, that developed in the 1980s, primarily through the work of the critic Stephen Greenblatt, and gained widespread influence in the 1990s.[1]

    New Historicists aim simultaneously to understand the work through its historical context and to understand cultural and intellectual history through literature, which documents the new discipline of the history of ideas. Michel Foucault based his approach both on his theory of the limits of collective cultural knowledge and on his technique of examining a broad array of documents in order to understand the episteme of a particular time. New Historicism is claimed to be a more neutral approach to historical events, and to be sensitive towards different cultures.[by whom?]

    H. Aram Veeser, introducing an anthology of essays, The New Historicism (1989), noted some key assumptions that continually reappear in New Historicist discourse; they were:

    that every expressive act is embedded in a network of material practices;
    that every act of unmasking, critique and opposition uses the tools it condemns and risks falling prey to the practice it exposes;
    that literary and non-literary "texts" circulate inseparably;
    that no discourse, imaginative or archival, gives access to unchanging truths, nor expresses inalterable human nature;
    that a critical method and a language adequate to describe culture under capitalism participate in the economy they describe.

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