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Deutsch lernen online

Ok, Welchen dialekt/s gelehrt online?


Ich vestehe The Bathroom- Das Badenzimmer aber... The Bathroom - Das Badezimmer

,The Butter- Der Butter aber... The Butter Die Butter , Saturday- Samstag aber.. Saturday- Sonnabend

bitte helfe mich vestehe Deutsch.

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    Das Badezimmer
    Die Butter
    Der Samstag (Sonnabend) siehe Erklärung.

    Samstag or Sonnabend? They are both correct! They both mean Saturday and can be used interchangeably. So why does Saturday get two names in German? First of all, which version to use depends on where you live in the German speaking world. Western and southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland use the older term “Samstag”, whereas eastern and northern Germany tend to use "Sonnabend". (The former DDR recognized "Sonnabend" as the official version.)

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