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What does '냅두고 괴롭햐요' in this sentence mean?

A: 아직도 비행기타면 눈물 찔끔 흘리고 그래요? 걱정되네요. (are u still crying while riding on the plane? I'm worried)

B: 걱정되네요. 갠차나여 양쪽에 앨리스 메리 냅두고 괴롭햐요 내가

What did B answer?

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    I think probably....

    괜찮아요 양옆에 엘리스 메리가 있어요 내가 그들을 괴롭혀요
    that's all right Mary Ellis on either side, I'm plagued them.

    That doesn't make sense to me. Sorry, a wrong expression.

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