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can anyone help me to translate these sentences to Arabic?

This novel tells the story of a girl's journey to meet the idol's heart. Pia crystalline a 23 year old Indonesian girl who loved a man named Osman Yazici turkey. The man who has known for five years in cyberspace it makes it really really fall in love. With reckless capital Pia willing to go miles and miles away just to see Osman and intend having a serious relationship with him. To learn more about turkey Pia began his journey down every corner of Istanbul "I wanna be turkish" motto so even though he was tired he continued his journey in istambul city. But the appearance of a close friend Osman Beyza make Pia realize that Beyza not just ordinary friends. Beyza Osman adds intimacy and Pia sure that they have a special relationship. Finally, Pia knows everything, the harsh reality that so pierced his heart made ​​him end it all, including his life.

For learning: Arabic
Base language: English
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    هذه الرواية تتحدث عن رحلة فتاة للقاء بحبيبها. بيا كرستالين فتاة اندونيسية في الثالثة والعشرين من عمرها والتي تحب رجل تركي اسمه عثمان يازجي.

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