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"I'll wait for you" or "I'll wait you" ?

"I'll wait for you" or "I'll wait you" ?

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    The verb "to wait" is most commonly used with the preposition "for".

    "I shall wait for you in the lobby. We have an important meeting to go to."

    "He waits on

    There are some circumstances in which you use "with" (here is an example).

    Lets say that you are a young boy waiting for mom to pick him up. You are at a birthday party, and your mom is late – but there is only one other parent who hasn't left yet.

    Remaining Parent – "Do you have a ride? I can take you home if your parents can't."
    Boy - "My mom is late. She sometimes is distracted by various things at home."
    RP - "Well then I will wait WITH you until she comes here."

    Another preposition which we use with "wait" is "on" – this is when you take care of someone else, performing household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning up.

    Man – "Hey sweetheart – could you please clean up my mess in the kitchen so I can watch my game?"
    Wife – "No... I will not wait on you, like you are my baby! Take some responsibility for yourself! The game won't start for another 10 minutes..."

    I hope this was helpful :)

    I will wait for you is better

    Wait is always followed " for" at a supplement.
    Example : I 'm waiting for the train.
    · He is waiting for his friends.

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