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Konnichiwa Minasan! ^^
Anybody could explain me how to use ~かもしれない? I know it's used to express probability, but i don't know how to form a sentence with it!

Anatatachi no kotae arigatou gozaimasu! >///<

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    かもしれない = may, might
    It is not possible one is stronger than other like in English.
    Your traslation "probably" is not incorrect. But "maybe" or "probably" means more like "たぶん".

    "かもしれない" is used when we speak about the future or uncertain situation.
    ex: She might catch a cold.
    (かのじょは かぜを ひいた かもしれない。)*でもひいてないかもしれない* we never know.

    It may rain tomorrow.
    (あしたは あめが ふるかも しれない) *ふらないかもしれない* yes, we never know again and that one is about the future

    You just add "かもしれない" at the end of your sentence.
    Basically you're adding the word''It's might be....(something)''
    for example:彼は遅いかもしれません
    He might be slow! but your case I think you're saying in the negative way because of ~ない in the final of your sentence...then would be It's might not....(something)
    I'm not sure! After all I don't speak fluently Japanese...But I have seen this case before

    "~かもしれない?” already includes an expression of question when u put a question mark on the end of sentence. So, u can use it by putting regular sentences in front of "~かもしれない?”
    For example, if u wanna ask someone whether or not she/he will be late on time,
    the sentence which means "being late on time" is "時間に遅れる”, so u put it in front of "~かもしれない?”. Then, ”時間に遅れるかもしれない?”
    As u see, I think it mostly works if u put the sentence which is concluded as present or past tense in front of "~かもしれない?"
    I'm not sure whether or not I could explain enough to ur question--;
    But I might be able to answer to ur question. (質問にこたえることができた-かもしれない-):)w
    Good luck with learning!!

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