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Behövar man säga "det" eller "den" med ett ord bestämd?

Till exempel, om säga man "I like the winter,", säga han "Jag vilja den vintern," eller "Jag vilja vintern,"?

Också, måsta säga man "att" med infinitiv? Till exempel, "Jag vilja att springa,", eller "Jag vilja springa," om vill man säga "I like to run."

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    Asking your questions in English would probably be better until you're better at Swedish. It makes it easier to understand your question.

    "The" is not used the same way in Swedish as it is in English. Instead "-en, -et, -n, -t" are added to the end of the noun. But "the" is used before adjectives. Here are some examples.

    Winter = vinter
    The winter = vintern
    The winter that... = Den vinter som...
    The cold winter = Den kalla vintern
    That winter = Den vintern
    That cold winter = Den kalla vintern
    This winter = Den här vintern (alt: Denna vinter)

    Winters = Vintrar
    Cold winters = Kalla vintrar
    The cold winters = De kalla vintrarna
    Those winters = De vintrarna
    These cold winters = De här kalla vintrarna (alt: Dessa kalla vintrar).

    Vilja means "will" or "want" so I don't know where you got that from.

    "I like the winter" = "Jag gillar vintern" or "Jag tycker om vintern".


    Until you are better at Swedish, always use "att". It's usually no problem to drop it when you're using "kommer att" / "will...".

    "Jag kommer (att) springa" = "I will run". Here it's fine to drop "att".

    "Jag gillar att springa" = "I like to run". Here it's not ok to drop it.

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